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Medical Tourism: Quality International Healthcare - Health Tourism – Transparent Borders

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Domestic and International Medical Tourism - Our Approach

MEDICAL TOURISM - Transparent Borders is firmly committed to our mission of providing groups, governments, and individuals the most informative, user-friendly, and effective analysis of objective and reliable Cross-Border Medical Tourism information in the industry, to enable effective individual, group or government international healthcare decisions. Our diversified experiences with global economic data, Medical (Health) Tourism data, and advanced healthcare analytics, helps to bring clarity to the complex and overwhelming flow of Medical Tourism data being generated by medical, healthcare, and governmental sources around the world. We work with our clients to:

Understand Cross Border Healthcare options (virtual / physical Medical Tourism), then provide tools and strategies to enhance local medical care / cross border access.

Promote transparency in analysis of Healthcare quality, costs, and effectiveness where limited regulations exist, to increase patient advocacy.

Provide objective Medical Tourism data and information to ensure effective identification of potential international healthcare risks.

Provide Quality International Healthcare tools to support a safe transition of cross border care.

Support our clients and prospective clients with certain tools to educate the growing consumer interest in International Medical Tourism.

From small towns in the United States to large metropolitan cities across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, overall interest in the concept of quality Medical Tourism is starting to grow exponentially. The term “Medical (Health) Tourism” means many different things to different people; but in most cases, the term Medical Tourism refers to individuals venturing across domestic or international markets trying to obtain quality medical care at greatly reduced costs thereby encouraging greater competition. While there are already many individuals receiving cross border care (travelers, expatriates), the concept of a global healthcare marketplace is beginning to take root.

Until recently, the pools of individuals seeking quality medical care outside of their home country were limited to: international travelers, persons seeking reduced waiting queues, and expatriates. Today, the Medical (Health) Tourism market is expanding to possibly include: individuals interested in some form of elective surgery not available in their home market, patients seeking medical procedures excluded under their healthcare insurance policies and people unable to obtain health coverage in their domestic markets. In addition, as the international media continues to broadcast the topic of quality medical healthcare across television and the internet every day, the concept of International Medical (Health) Tourism is developing into a compelling alternative for millions of people around the world.

The International Healthcare challenge for most individuals, group associations, and government agencies is the complexity in developing and maintaining an efficient and effective Global Medical Tourism infrastructure, instead of relying solely on a medical tourist specialist or international insurance company to drive the patient journey. While different groups and governments are putting forth certain innovative Medical Tourism initiatives, the difficulty in establishing and communicating a unified set of quality standards, regulations, and case management policies presents an overwhelming obstacle in the minds of individuals seeking cross-border medical care. The first step for groups, governments and individuals in pursuit of quality cross-border healthcare, requires removing the veil of uncertainty, shrouding the enormous quantity of domestic and international Medical Tourism information.

Transparent Borders is diligently focused on opening the “black box” of

Medical Tourism data and information. Our innovative international healthcare strategies combined

with critical country by country infrastructure and quality healthcare

analyses provides governments, groups, and individuals the opportunity

Channeling individuals interested in Medical Tourism alternatives to intra-country or international hospitals

Managing potential "Brain Drain" in countries with limited medical personnel

Developing integrated quality medical networks within an organized and efficient infrastructure

Development of effective, efficient transitions of health care mechanisms

Coordinating safe and all-inclusive travel arrangements for cross-border patients

Providing consistent and effective domestic and international cross-border case management solutions

In addition to providing our clients with valuable Medical Tourism information and algorithmic analyses regarding their domestic and international Medical (Health) Tourism goals and objectives, our experienced professionals and integrated alliance partners provide the depth of diversified international healthcare experience necessary to design, develop, and manage the simplest or the most intricate of Medical Tourism projects.

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