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Crazy For Coconut Water - Sweet Simple Health

A few years back I heard all about the hype for coconut water. So, of course I decided to try it. I HATED it. I remember sipping it and spitting it out so fast because of the taste. I thought, How can people say this stuff is good?! A few months went by and I realized there was flavored coconut water. Even though I was hesitant I figured Id give it another try. I came across the brand Zico- pineapple and mango were my favorite flavors. I found the chocolate one and I was sold. It tasted like chocolate milk! Yum!I used coconut water during some of my intense workouts, loved it in the summer and drank it just because it was good.

I used to have a major sweet tooth, and still kind of do to a point. But a year ago I ate everything sugary in my path. Like I was addicted. So I went on a 21 day sugar detox and it was hard. Since then, Ive cut back on so much sugar- so wonderful. I havent really touched flavored coconut water for about a year, because the flavors have a lot of extra sugar in them. However last week I decided to give the natural flavor another try. I LOVED it. Its sweet and nutty on its own and I enjoyed every sip of it! I think since Ive cut back on so much sugar, all my taste buds have changed. Natural coconut water that didnt used to be sweet at all to me years ago, is now sweet.

Natural coconut water is now one of my go-to liquids. Dont get me wrong, I dont drink it all the time, but I do like it for working out or the special treat in my day besides just water. It has a ton of electrolytes (way better for you than the sports drinks BTW) and if you find good brands, its all natural. The only two brands I usually buy are Zico and Sprouts. Ive noticed that some other brands add extra sugar in them which I dont want or need. Coconut water has quite a few benefits- Ive listed a few below.

great for keeping you hydrated during workouts

settles your stomach and aids in rehydration if you have a hangover

can aid in weight loss due to the fulfilling taste

Coconut water has about 45-60 calories in an 8 oz. serving. Even though it has its benefits, drink it in moderation. If you want to consume large amounts of it, make sure youre maintaining a pretty active lifestyle ♥ Oh! and the best way to drink it is ice cold!

If you havent tried it yet go out and grab some. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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