How Do I Know If My Eye Vision Is Bad? Current Health Articles

How Do I Know If My Eye Vision Is Bad?  Current Health Articles

How Do I Know If My Eye Vision Is Bad?

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How To Exam Your Eye Vision

Your eye vision is nothing to shrug off. Your eyes let you know when to put on the brakes or when to swerve to avoid a collision. Your eyes help you at home, school, the supermarket, and at the office. You depend on your eyes every waking moment of your day, but how can you tell if you need an eye exam? There are a few signals to watch out for that might mean it’s time to get your eye vision checked.

It’s only common sense to schedule an eye exam when you are having sudden and drastic blurring and focus issues. Along with visual disturbances, these sudden problems are hard not to notice and their sudden appearance is a sure-fire sign that you need to get checked out.

Sometimes, however, it’s hard to notice blurred eye vision. As with any gradually developed condition, slow blurring of your eye vision can be hard to notice. It’s kind of like your hair growing. You might not notice how long it’s gotten because you see it every day, but when someone points it out, it becomes abundantly clear. Go around your house and look at things you’re used to being able to see. Stand a certain distance away from something you know you can see, something that’s never been an issue before, and gauge how much effort it takes to see it clearly. It might be time to talk to an optometrist if you’re having trouble.

Does your head hurt? Poor sight can cause pounding headaches. When your vision starts to slip, you have to try harder to focus on activities such as reading. Added strain from your vision can manifest itself in headaches. Regular eye pain, strain, or fatigue is other signs that you need to have your sight examined.

Are you squinting more than you used to? This isn’t too hard to notice. Just start reading a book or the paper and pay attention to how often you squint. Record yourself reading and make a note of how often you squint. Watching yourself reading and squinting a lot can help give you a better idea of where your vision stands.

If you’re having trouble seeing, it might be the result of an infection. This is one of the easier vision problems to notice. Your eyes might look puffy, reddish, or glazed. Take a look in the mirror and see if your eyes look normal. Also, keep in mind how often you rub or scratch around your eyes. These could all be signs that you have an infection.

Finally, you should schedule an eye exam every two years. Regular eye exams will let you know about problems before they become serious. Even if you think your vision is perfect, it’s still a good idea to have an exam. Eye vision issues can be a symptom of something more serious. Getting regular eye exams could bring up irregularities and reveal the necessity for medical procedures like laser eye vision correction or cataract eye surgery. Click Here to read more articles on Eye Vision.

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